The gardens

All garden beds are “mature’, that is, well manured, sieved, tilled and rotated over many years.  There are two large (30 x 30 ft) beds on the old farm house site. Up near the home there are plum trees, grape vines, flower and vegetable plots and a salad bed.



Lower area Gardens


Upper area gardens

Running water and a tranquil ponds attract folk and critters alike!

Mini pond and waterfall incorporated into the home’s lodge deck.


The pond and stream.

Beautiful wildflowers are seen throughout the property. Lots of plums and apples too!



What do you do with empty space?

………………………….…...Put in a squirrel or two!




From the smallest to the largest - they’re here! Tiny ruby-throated hummingbirds make their appearance around May 20 and magnificent bald eagles are often seen soaring on the rising thermals. Close to 30 different birds can be seen at the feeders or in nearby bushes and fields throughout the year.

Included are: hummingbirds, evening grosbeaks, purple finches, nuthatches, doves, swallows, various sparrows, blue jays, starlings, a variety of hawks, three types of woodpeckers, sandpipers, crows, ravens  … and the list goes on. These are just those we see here, go a little further afield and... ...well, you get the picture!





Squirrels and chipmunks enjoy gleaning seeds from the birds’ leftovers. Raccoons often appear after twilight to scavenge whatever the day shift has left. Deer are frequent visitors. Occasionally one might see a coyote. The odd bear has made rare visits and a moose even  took down our neighbour’s clothes line! Other little critters include weasels, mice, moles and voles,

Stream & pond.


The stream originates far up the hillside (some hundreds of feet ASL). Most of the year it is a tranquil, gently flowing brook. At times however - especially in spring - it can become a rushing torrent, not to be


messed with! The pond is home to bulrushes and other water plants as well as frogs, small fish, sandpipers and swooping swallows.




The region is typical of much of North-eastern Nova Scotia. While there are cleared farmlands on the lower slopes the immediate area is well treed with spruce, white birch, tamarack and poplar.

The property, hidden by trees, is at the far end of the road beyond Meadow Lake.

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